Document extraction

This company used Voyance Vision to securely extract data from thousands of IDs, easily transferring the needed data to the right departments



A company enabling businesses with automated document extraction services needed a framework to ease the onboarding of new customers.

Their team needed an ML infrastructure built to enable their customers to quickly verify a user's identity, using data directly from government databases that issue the identity document.

Their AI team lacked the technology to build this system in-house and at the speed they wanted. This was when they reached out to the Voyance team.

The Solution

With Voyance Vision, this team got a document extraction system powered by deep learning and computer vision, to enable extraction of information from documents such as passports, drivers licenses for KYC and AML processes.

With Voyance, they were able to integrate a natural language model to categorize transactions into different classes.

The Results

Voyance Vision allowed this team to build the structure they needed within 2 weeks. Versus the 8 months it would have taken their team to do it manually, and at a significantly lower cost.

With the infrastructure Voyance provided, this company got:

An automated document extraction process

Intelligent business intelligence and behavioural analysis

A connection hub to extract, transform and load data from different sources for easy data management.

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