Data Engineers

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Data engineers play the most technical role in getting transformed data available for business decisions. Their role involves building and maintaining a pipeline to handle data transformation processes and this is a herculean task which constantly pops up challenges such as:


The Challenges

  • Too much data to handle - the size of data to be transformed is most times not at par with the infrastructure in place hence, constant pipeline crash.
  • Time constraint - Building a robust infrastructure to handle data transformation effectively is time intensive.
  • Data integration problems - most times, it's difficult to ingest data seamlessly from various sources considering where they are stored and the formats in which they are stored.
  • Pipeline maintenance - Data engineers don't just have to work round the clock for the pipeline to be built, they also have to ensure that it's working properly.
  • Zero flexibility - Because data engineers solely have to focus on building a pipeline that works, they have less time to customize pipelines that suit the business needs per time.
  • Long hours of coding to clean up data and build a pipeline.

What changes?

  • Ingest high influx of data without fear of a pipeline crash with our superb auto scaling capability.
  • Carry out data engineering processes like integrating and transforming data in less time.
  • Seamlessly integrate data from multiple sources for transformation.
  • Cancel the worry on pipeline maintenance.
  • Build custom data pipelines without sweating it out
  • Automate data pipeline executions
  • Enhance data quality with accurate reports and jobs scheduling
  • No-code most times and code where necessary

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