Data Scientists

Interprete insights and make decisions with data.

Data Scientists

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Data scientists play a notable role in the world of data.They're commonly tasked with finding information that is squeezed out of data in order to make actionable insights.To do this, they have tonnes of data stored in disparate sources to deal with.

In a bid to do their job, they encounter the following challenges.


The Challenges

  • Difficulty in gathering data- Bringing data from various sources into a single place for transformation is difficult.
  • Inconsistent and incorrect data- Manual entry of data can affect its accuracy. Data analysis is much more difficult when there are incorrect missing rows/columns which can tamper with results.
  • Difficulty in exploring data- With a large size of data involved, data scientists find it difficult to understand the relationship between variables in a dataset.
  • 80% of time is spent preparing data- A large segment of data scientists' time is spent cleaning data. Data scientists need to focus on more important tasks like extracting insights and making accurate decisions from data.
  • Difficulty in identifying data lineage- Data scientists lose track of the processes data has gone through from the data source, to transformation right down to consumption. This makes it difficult to spot errors and implement changes with lower risks.
  • Difficulty in communicating results to non-technical members of the team- Data scientists find it difficult to simplify the results of the data analyzed so non-technical members in an organization can aptly comprehend the insights upon which decisions are made.

What changes?

  • Enjoy a seamless integration platform that is not limited to major data sources and formats
  • Transition to a platform that eliminates manual review of data entry and start enjoying an AI platform that removes outliers to provide bias-free results.
  • Automate your data exploration process without sweating it out.
  • No code most of the time and less code when necessary.
  • Successfully wrangle data without thinking about time constraints or job weight.
  • Easily track each process of data transformationfor smarter business reports.
  • Effectively communicate with team members- echnical and non-technical, about your business' data-driven decisions with authority and comprehensive proof from a simple UI designed platform.

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