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Easy real-time queries

The Voyance team developed an end to end solution that made it easy for our engineering team to create queries for real-time data and trigger actions on our platform.

Janet Sawari

Janet Sawari CEO & Founder of TAIRLabs

Fast and robust ingestion

At the time where we needed to build our DWH to leverage data science and analytics capabilities from our multiple product DBs. The Voyance team developed fast and robust ingestion and transformation pipelines that made our data teams' life easy to focus on insight and reporting.

Raymond Chen

Raymond Chen Senior Data Analyst, Flutterwave

How it works

Provision your cluster with a few clicks

Automated and simple deployment and infrastructure scaling, with no changes to your data pipelines.

Connect data sources and destinations

Pre-built connectors and APIs make it simple to ingest, clean, and understand your data.

Create a visual project to ingest, transform, and write your data

Build intuitive, no-code ETL/ELT data pipelines. See changes in real-time. Focus on your core business processes.

Orchestrate your data pipelines

Schedule your jobs and workflows with real-time automation. Get Big Data insights when you need them.

Integration with cloud storage platforms

You can connect with your cloud storage platforms and start generating reports within minutes.

SQL Server

Unlock Insights


Deploy a new compute cluster in seconds. See changes to data pipelines in real-time.


Enjoy the ease of using no-code data pipelines. Intuitive UI for connecting data sources and destinations.


Automated scaling backed by Machine Learning. Multicloud by design. Get smart insights for your business in real-time.

Slash your data preparation time

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