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Tackle Complex Data Issues with Scalable and Robust Pipeline Workflow.

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All-in-one solution

Create and Automate data pipelines either batch/ stream pipeline processing, data orchestrations, transformations, data security, management, and more.

Simple and intuitive

Enable data teams like data engineers to set up data pipelines with ease and simplicity.

Flexible and scalable data workflow

Easily connect your pipeline with our easy-to-use transform functions like data experts.

Reliable insights and accuracy

Build confidence for data users to generate accurate data and remarkable insights for a deeper understanding.

Essences of Data Engineering

We synergized cutting-edge visual and code-free interfaces to create an exceptional data engineering solution that outperforms any existing approaches in terms of performance and efficiency.


Seamlessly Schedule and Automate multiple data workflows and run them without human interaction and receive real-time alerts for deployment.


Build, Design, Transform and Manage data pipeline with ease. Integrate data with our pre-built connectors and configure your workflow with a pre-defined transform function.


Continuously monitor and keep track of every data pipeline in real time.

Real-time Decisioning

Rely on advanced data processing and analytics technologies, such as batch/stream processing frameworks, real-time databases, and machine learning algorithms capable of rapid inference.

Integrate sources using
pre-built connectors

Ingest data from different sources from different data cloud providers for an easy and seamless integration process.

Wrangle and

Transform data using various function nodes with pre-defined columns which is code-free and seamless.

Tackle Complex Data Issues with Scalable and Robust Pipeline Workflow.

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