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Voyance is a data science company that simplifies data processes for businesses.


Our Vision

At Voyance, we are focused on our vision which is to make data science simple for businesses.


Our Mission

We democratize access to data science by accelerating innovation for business, by unifying data engineering, machine learning, and business processes.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help B2B businesses become data–driven and our commitment is fueled by the desire to simplify the process of getting your business there.

We acquire, validate, store and protect your data securely on our platform while performing the administrative process for your data scientists. Not just that, we also plan and clean data in preparation for analysis, creating reports that can be shared to get buy-ins from major stakeholders in the organization, and team members.

Our work helps Data Engineers build and organize data models effortlessly. We eliminate the long processes; you plug our product directly to your data source, and our platform will do the remaining work, saving your time!

Come work for us 🤝

We are a fast-paced company that rewards hardworking employees that are stuck on the growth mindset, we encourage and provide an avenue for continuous learning, improvement of skills, learning of new skills to enable our employees to be their best selves. As an employee at Voyance, you are part of a company whose mission is to simplify and expedite innovation for businesses with the use of AI. Our goal is to spearhead AI in the world, from Africa to the world, we are searching for like-minded people to join us in realizing this goal.

Core Values

Be transparent

Be transparent

We are looking for individuals with strong moral principles who will be honest in their dealings with customers and of course, with the fellow employees. We also value confidentiality in keeping information about the customers, private.

Bring your best ideas

Bring your best ideas

We are committed to ensuring that employees present their best work, work that they will be proud of. In the same vein, they also attain full potential while contributing to the ongoing success of Voyance. We appreciate individuals with creative ideas and we encourage discovering new ways to do things better.

Be accountable

Be accountable

When it comes to our achieving goals, be it personal or business goals, we are all in partnership to see this goal come alive. Also, in your daily work as a Voyant, be ready to take responsibility for actions.

Avoid misconceptions

Avoid misconceptions

Leaving no room for ambiguity, make yourself clear and ensure that those you’re communicating with understand. It will help if you are simple with your communication.

Have a heart for the Customers

Have a heart for the Customers

At Voyance, we do not just value our customers because of their partnership with us, they are at the core of all that we do. Joining us will mean that you are able to provide the customers with the best service possible and always act with urgency when it comes to the customers.



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