Instant Access to Accurate and Up-to-date Data

Data Platform helps Dojah to gain
immediate insights for faster
decision-making and
proactive actions.


Real-time Processing with Dojah

Complex Event Processing.

It requires expertise in real-time analytics, and efficient algorithms and techniques to handle high-volume and high-velocity processing of real-time data to detect patterns and discrepancies in their customer data.

Data Source Integration.

Dojah often has to deal with data coming from various sources, such as internal databases, external vendors, APIs, and more. Integrating these diverse data sources while maintaining data integrity can be challenging.

Data Latency and Response Time.

Dojah requires immediate insights into its data processing system and workflow to improve efficiency and accuracy, however, its data team faces slow response time which leads to delayed or sub-optimal decisions, opportunities, and increased risk exposure.


Optimize your Customer Experience in Real-time

Real-time processing Infrastructure.

Dojah uses Data platform to build a scalable and responsive ETL infrastructure that supports both batch and real-time data processing which is essential for quick onboarding and verification processes and provides a better customer experience.

Leverage a centralized data framework.

Dojah employs Data platform to act as a single source of truth for customer data allowing them to integrate data from various sources to ensure consistency and accuracy.

Automated data transformation processes.

Dojah utilizes our ETL tools with automated data transformation capabilities which help them convert, cleanse, and normalize data according to predefined preferences, reducing manual intervention.


Holistic View of Customer Data - 24X Customer Engagement.

Holistic View of Customer Data - 24X Customer Engagement

Using a Unified data processing framework enables their data teams to gain a comprehensive understanding of their customer which provide more enhanced insight into accurate risk assessment.
With faster data engineering processing time, they are now able to identify anomalies, fraudulent patterns, and inconsistencies in minutes compared to a week – 5X insights into patterns.
With such a data solution, data discrepancies are reduced to their minimum, eliminating errors in verification procedures in real-time.

Streamline your Onboarding and Verification Processes

With no-code data tools, data, and onboarding teams can easily streamline their entire onboarding and verification processes. Dojah's onboarding team has been able to adequately perform accurate compliance checks of their customers, enhancing the accuracy of due diligence.
With our Data Platform in place, Dojah focuses on leveraging data to identify potential risks, prevent fraud of their clients and customers, and able to foster trust among customers and stakeholders.

Reduce data preparation time by up to 90%

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