Powerful Insight to proactively manage risks in real time

Data Platform ensures data consistency, accuracy, single repository of risk-related data and identify patterns of suspicius behaviour.


Complex data infrastructure for risk management

Data Complexity and Integration

Zedcrest, an African investment firm has been on a mission to improve capital flow in the economy with cutting-edge financial services expertise to improve the long-term viability of African economies, businesses, and households, however, incorporating diverse data sources with varying structures and formats has been so complex and time-consuming for their data teams.

Inability to handle big data

It is very crucial to continuously add value to all their clients across Africa, but as a result of the fast-growing volume of data, they don't have the infrastructure to handle the volume load to maintain performance.


Ensure success on complex data infrastructure for risk management

Implement robust data integration platforms that can handle diverse data sources and formats.

Zedcrest chooses our data platform low code engineering platform to enable seamless and efficient movement of data from various sources into a centralized repository.

Choose scalable cloud-based solutions that can adapt to varying workloads.

Zedcrest is able to get more flexibility and adaptability to handle varying pipelines or workloads without compromising performance. Their data team is able to adapt to changes in data volumes, user demands and processing requirements, and time.


The Data solution that yields positive Outcomes

Holistic Insights

The unified data view enables a comprehensive understanding of risks across their depoartments and units, facilitating holistic risk management. Their data team are able to provide accurate, consistent and timely insights for better understandin of customer behavior, and market trends.

Proactive Risk Identification and Risk Mitigation

Zedcrest are to monitor their investments in real-time helping identify potential risks early, allowing for timely intervention and prevention of adverse events.

Zedcrest are able to leverage data effectively giving them a competitive edge by identifying unique market opportunities and staying ahead of trends in real time.

Reduce data preparation time by up to 90%

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